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Welcome to Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC!

At Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC, we take pride in being a leading provider of high-quality animal feeds in Bangladesh. Established with a commitment to excellence, we specialize in the production and distribution of Fish Renu Pona, Fish Medicine, Agro Medicine, poultry feed, fish feed, cattle feed, shrimp feed, and fish food. Our dedication to delivering premium nutrition for livestock and aquaculture has earned us a trusted reputation in the agricultural and fisheries industry.

Our Products:

Featured Products: (a) Fish Renu-Pona (b) Fish fast food (c) Fish Medicine (d) Agro Medicine 

  1. Poultry Feed: Our specially formulated poultry feed is designed to meet the nutritional needs of chickens, ensuring optimal growth, health, and egg production. We understand the importance of quality feed for poultry farmers, and our products reflect our commitment to their success.

  2. Fish Feed: Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC offers a range of fish feeds crafted to enhance the growth and vitality of fish in aquaculture systems. Our fish feeds are developed using advanced nutritional science to support the well-being of various fish species, contributing to the sustainable development of the aquaculture sector.

  3. Cattle Feed: For dairy and beef cattle, our cattle feed provides a balanced blend of nutrients essential for their health and productivity. We prioritize the nutritional requirements of cattle, ensuring that our feed contributes to robust livestock and high-quality dairy and meat production.

  4. Shrimp Feed: Shrimp farming demands precise nutrition for optimal growth and disease resistance. Our shrimp feed is meticulously formulated to meet these requirements, supporting the success of shrimp farmers and contributing to the growth of the shrimp farming industry.

  5. Fish Food: Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional involved in ornamental fish breeding, our fish food is designed to meet the dietary needs of various fish species. We prioritize the health and vibrancy of ornamental fish, offering a range of nutritious and palatable options.

Contact Information:

At Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC, we understand the importance of quality nutrition in agriculture and fisheries. Our team of experts is dedicated to continuous research and development, ensuring that our products consistently meet and exceed industry standards. We are committed to supporting the success of farmers, aquaculturists, and livestock owners, contributing to the overall advancement of the agricultural and fisheries sectors in Bangladesh.

Choose Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC for superior animal feeds, where quality meets performance, and excellence is our commitment.

Our Mission & Vision

At Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC, our mission is to revolutionize the agricultural and fisheries sectors by providing exceptional quality animal feeds that nurture the health, growth, and productivity of livestock and aquatic species. As a dynamic player in the industry, we are committed to contributing significantly to the well-being of farmers, aquaculturists, and the communities we serve.


Our mission is to be a trusted partner in the success of our customers by offering superior animal feeds that meet the highest standards of nutrition, safety, and sustainability. We strive to enhance the profitability and efficiency of poultry, fish, cattle, and shrimp farming, empowering our clients to achieve their goals and foster a positive impact on the food and economic landscapes.


Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC envisions a future where the agriculture and fisheries sectors thrive through innovation, sustainability, and responsible practices. We aspire to be a leading force in the industry, setting benchmarks for quality and excellence. Our vision includes:

  1. Quality Assurance: We aim to consistently deliver top-notch animal feeds that surpass industry benchmarks, ensuring the health and well-being of livestock and aquatic species.

  2. Innovation: Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC is committed to continuous research and development, pioneering new solutions that address the evolving needs of modern farming practices and contribute to the sustainability of the industry.

  3. Community Impact: We envision playing a pivotal role in community development by supporting local farmers, fostering sustainable practices, and creating opportunities for economic growth in the regions we operate.

  4. Global Reach: Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC aspires to extend its influence beyond borders, becoming a recognized name in the global animal feed market. We aim to share our expertise and contribute to the advancement of agriculture and fisheries on a global scale.

Our Commitment:

As we pursue our mission and vision, Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC is unwavering in its commitment to integrity, transparency, and customer satisfaction. We prioritize the needs of our clients, embracing a customer-centric approach that reflects in the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of our poultry feed, fish feed, cattle feed, shrimp feed, and fish food.

Join us in shaping a future where agriculture and fisheries flourish, powered by Annex Agro and Fisheries OPC’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable practices. Together, we build a legacy of nourishing success for farmers and communities alike.